PPD Awareness

So, unbelievably, people are actually questioning whether post-partum depression is a thing and we, the enlightened folk are having to defend its existence. Really? Something isn’t right in the world when intelligence always has to argue with stupid.
If you have never had a baby and you want to judge, please take several, uncomfortable seats because you have no clue. You are just being a plain and simple asshole and noone likes plain, simple assholes!
If you have had a baby and your experience was all rainbows and butterflies then good for you or rather, congratulations, you have successfully lied to yourself and those around you. Even if you genuinely had a pleasant, walk in the park experience of being a new mother, there must must must have been times when you felt “oh shit, today was hard” so show some support! Mothers don’t support each other enough!

Motherhood is fucking HARD!! Repeat after me!! It.Is.Hard!! And admitting it is hard does NOT make you a bad mother. It also does not mean you do not love your kids more than you ever thought you could love another human being.
Being a mother to a newborn is even harder. People and books tell you what you may expect but nothing prepares you for bringing a brand new baby into the world who you are completely responsible for. They don’t sleep, they cry all the time and they cannot tell you what the hell they want! You get zero gratitude from them, it is a completely thankless job.

They shit about 20 times a hour. They are 100% dependant on you for everything – food, warmth, love, a surface to vomit on. They don’t have time for you to look after yourself and neither do you. But still you feel you must show the world you are coping, you are loving life, you are a fucking supermom when you haven’t showered, eaten or slept properly in days or weeks!! But you feel like you need to put on a brave face because human beings are generally judgemental, cruel assholes.
But baby no, don’t suffer in silence. Talk to someone. There must be someone who feels your pain or at least is empathetic and you will be shocked by how many other women went through the same thing. If you don’t trust anyone, see a professional, please.
I didn’t suffer from clinically diagnosed post-partum depression but I certainly don’t alwwys enjoy being a new mother! I am always open about that, newborns suck! I am open because I know there are other mothers who want to be open and are afraid to be. I am open for them and for myself.
My heart aches and bleeds for the women who love their kids immensely but too afraid for people to think otherwise. This is is for you 😘

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