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A few good men

23 December 2013


The world is lacking good men – fact? I think so.

Nature has honoured me with the pleasure and challenge of creating and raising a few good men. Ok, two good men.

And an honour it sure is – one I look forward to doing all over again.  Yanice has made it seem so easy. I am grateful to him for not only being such a joy to mother but also for making me look like I know what the hell I am doing!  I don’t know what I did right but Lord knows I hope I can do it again.  Chances are slim aren’t they? I mean who gets that lucky twice?

So you guessed it – I am having another boy. Yay!! An ever so slightly delayed Yay, but never mind, a yay all the same.  A large part of me wanted a girl.  I thought I had convinced myself this was not the case but that short moment of deflation I felt when the sonographer showed me the child’s wiggy, told me otherwise.  Or maybe it was the telling silence coming from the corner of the room where my first born and husband sat, followed by a painful moan from the big brother that managed to pop my fully inflated happiness balloon?  I went through this same damn shit with my first as well, wanted him to be a girl too. What is this obsession I have? I don’t even like pink or ponies or dolls! Plus I have 5 nieces so I already have 5 potential asshole boyfriends on my hit-list, do I really need to add to it? I can’t possibly ring the necks of more than 5 man, surely.  Plus my 5 beautiful nieces require some overprotective male cousins in their lives and since I seem to be the only Watson who is a boy machine (Kudos to Tally for her input though), looks like this is a job for me!

So Mother Nature in her wisdom has selected me to populate the world with good men and I will take this honour seriously.  I can’t wait to welcome my brand new Prince – another one to wrap round my neck.  This is really why I wanted a girl, because girls tend to like their father more than their mother.  My seven year old first born is still attached to my hip and I didn’t think I had any more room on that hip.  But actually, judging by the size of my belly it looks like said hip will be expending enough to make room for the new attachment – no problem!

23 weeks gone, 17 to go.  This is a brilliant stage of pregnancy – my energy and libido are back!! *wink* It won’t last long so I plan to fully enjoy it while I can still see my feet.  The belly is still large but not growing exponentially the way it started off with a BANG! I do look properly pregnant now, which is nice.  I hate that phase you have to go through between about 3 – 5 months when you just looking like you put on weight.  That awkward phase where you feel like shit, your regular clothes don’t fit or are uncomfortable but you look absolutely ridiculous in maternity clothes!  That time where you want to tattoo on your forehead “I am not fat, just pregnant!”  Phew! I passed that.  And with that comes more attention aimed at the bump – I don’t mind, I know most women probably hate strangers or even familiar people putting their hands on their tummy, the extreme version of the “awww reflex”.  Well I grew up with three siblings in a three bedroom house so I never had my own room and there were many occasions where we all ended up sleeping in the same bed.  Reasons mainly being my brother watching scary films and begging his sisters to stay with him because he’s too frighten to sleep my himself.  Plus my cousins were always over at weekends as well.  So I do not value personal space, I have no concept of it, I could not survive in my family if I did.

I have discovered a way of dealing with at least one awful side effect of pregnancy – the itching! The miracle secret is coconut oil. I cover myself in the stuff every night.  My husband tells me I smell so lovely and tropical and edible. Bless foreigners! There is no Trini on this planet who would use such words to describe the way I smell after I bathe myself in coconut oil – unless you consider an old saheena to be edible of course! Take your pick of derogatory adjectives I could possibly be described as, but believe me it works!  The itch is gone – hallelujah! One less thing to keep me awake. I am now only left with  – the need to pee ALL THE TIME, a baby who thinks my bladder is a damn football, back pain, night sweats and a constant feeling of being hungry only after midnight.  Woo Hoo!!

It’s Christmas!! Which means it cold as hell! But thanks to lots of extra blood flowing through my veins I am warm and cosy so bring it on you stinking Winter Gods! This has truly become my favourite part of pregnancy.  I like to focus on the positives like this but let’s talk about the downsides…
Now I can’t speak for other people but “baby brain” is real, it exists!  In my adult life I have successfully managed to tame the scatter brain Niki I was in my teens by transforming her into the very organised, almost pedantic Niki I am today.  Today’s Niki makes lists, knows everyone’s birthday (although I am still developing the “send cards and presents on time” part of my training) and uses calendars to organise my work and personal life as well as the lives of my husband and son.
Well guys, scatter brain Niki is back!!

I booked time off to go to Yanice’s parents’ evening, two days after the actual parents’ evening.   I had to ring the school to embarrassingly beg to meet his teacher at another time.  As I did the walk of shame into his classroom I could hear the teacher’s thoughts “blasted delinquent mother, how did she produce such a wonderful child?”  Well if my child is excelling at everything I can’t be that delinquent now can I??
I gave Yan’s father a list of presents to get him for Christmas and went and bought everything on the list myself.
I end up going to the grocery 3 times a week, I leave my lunch at home regularly, I forget to put the pain in ass rabbit back in her cage and repeat the same story over and over again. But hey, at least I haven’t called my husband by a different name right?!

What else? Well I can’t reach my toes so I have had to recruit Jamie to cut my nails for me, but at least I can still see them.  However, there are other vital parts of my body I cannot see.  And finally, for the sake of tmi – I have to be VERY careful when I sneeze remembering to hold my legs together in case of emergency but thanks to baby brain, I am failing miserably!

I look forward to welcoming number two and getting bikini ready in record time of 3 months for my trip to Trinidad in 2014.

Blessings and keep safe
I out!

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